Where "Catch me if you Can" meets "The Wolf of Wall Street" on the ocean

An Amazing True Life Story of Family, Traveling the World, Adventure, Romance, Deception & Consequences.

By John Lozano

The Erotic Novel of the year!

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"You won’t be disappointed! Great book! Entertaining from start to finish. Highly recommend!" - Joel Pereca

"Wow, what an exciting life he lived!!! This book had me on edge the whole time anticipating the next chapter!! Hilarious as well!! This book has everything!! Hope they turn it into a movie!! Freakin Awesome" - Amazon Review

Never Enough Love by John Lozano

"Hot! Hot! Hot! John Lazano is quite the character in this novel called “Never Enough Love.” The title itself should tell you something. Lazano’s sexual prowess starts early. He mentions his first sexual encounter at age 20 with a woman named Rachel who wants to have sex immediately, and how she makes him feel awkward when she talks about his ‘size,’ or lack thereof....  -  C. Huff.

What an incredible story! John Lazano has led an amazing life! I absolutely loved the conversational tone of this book. It feels like you are sitting in a chair next to John, listening to his life story. There’s nothing pretentious about it. This is a very easy read. It is an incredibly sexual story, however, so it might not be for everyone. When the description compares it to The Wolf of Wall Street, they are not kidding!  -  Janelle Fila

Never Enough Love by John Lozano

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