Where "Catch me if you Can" meets "The Wolf of Wall Street" on the ocean

Comes The erotic book

Never Enough Love
by John Lazano

An Amazing True Life Story of Family, Traveling the World, Adventure, Romance, Deception & Consequences.

The Erotic Book of the year everyone is raving about!

Where "Catch me if you Can" meets "The Wolf of Wall Street" on the ocean.

NEVER ENOUGH LOVE is the fascinating story of John Lazano, who grew up in a traditional New York Italian Catholic family, joined the Navy, married a prostitute, accidentally made a nuclear submarine go in the wrong direction, dated a famous actress, sailed on over 350 cruises around the world, and lived multiple lives.

They say real life is better than fiction and that is definitely true here. John's story spans a 54-year period that takes readers on an adrenalin rush with each new adventure as they accompany him from an innocent beginning to creating a dream job where he was able to circumnavigate the globe, make millions of dollars, have affairs with more than 400 women and then in a twist of fate, lose it all.

Tragically losing his best friend at an early age had a profound impact on John causing him to live a life with no boundaries. This event set the stage for the stark realization; you only get one round and that none of this is a dress rehearsal. When your number is up, it's up.

John paid a heavy price for living a life like this and so did everyone else.

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